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save time and money

Food-ex is a meal management system that allows you to save time and money. We understand that feeding a large group can be time consuming and frustrating! We take all the work of planning, purchasing, and set-up off your shoulders and onto ours.

Our team of professionals will make your meal perfect every time.

Food-ex is a fresh concept! You never have to memorize a menu again! Simply select the perfect meal from one of our partner restaurants, tell us how many people you need to feed, and you’re done. We pride ourselves in being the chosen solution for pharmaceutical representatives, businesses, corporate events, and parties. Finally, you can stop fretting over food and focus on people! Call Food-ex at 661-327-3278 to set up your account today!

Key Features
Only $8.95 Delivery
Only 18% Service charge
Low per person cost meals
Per person spending limits built into your order. Just tell us your limit and we can’t go over!


of Food-ex

Detailed History 2004-06

While sitting in Senior Seminar at CSUB I had an idea. I was working full time as a Medical Rep and part of my job description was to do regular lunch in-services for Doctors throughout the town. I was always frustrated by these in-services because they took up too much of my time. I thought it would be nice if there were a company that I could call that knew who I was and understood what it was that I needed done. Somebody that just understood without it having to be explained. This is how the concept of Food-ex came to be.

I thought it would be nice for someone else do the work for me. Not just deliver the food but everything from call the doctor’s office, to setting up the lunch and or presentation materials. I would just walk in 5 till 12:00 and go to work. This would allow me to put in extra sales calls and generate more business. I saw this as a win/win situation. I would save time and any extra money that my company was spending I could more than make back in extra sales calls. After making a preliminary plan I went to work formulating the idea. I acquired a partner, a lawyer, and an office.
Food-ex is a service that is available to everyone.

We began as a partnership in April of 2004. Food-ex laid dormant while I finished college. Both my partner and I had full time jobs and found it hard to do anything other than work, family and school. I graduated in winter of 2004; we slowly put together the groundwork for our business idea. The first thing we needed was a relationship with restaurants. We visited with local restaurants that we felt would be popular with the medical community. Our experience as medical representatives led us to many of these restaurants. Restaurants were quick to see the benefit of working with us and the contract began to take shape. Our plan was to get around 9-10 popular restaurants in order to keep selection simple and quick. Once the contracts were in place we had a meeting with 5 pharmaceutical reps from various companies to get an idea of how their business would benefit from Food-ex. They agreed that Food-ex would be an asset to them in simplifying their daily efforts. In June of 2005 Food-ex did its first delivery.

In October of 2006 we moved locations. We had to move to a larger facility to accommodate our growing needs. Currently we employ one full-time office manager and 9 delivery drivers. Food-ex has consistently grown every month since we started doing business. We currently have over 134 pharmaceutical representatives that utilize our services.